Case Studies

1) Cerebral Palsy,Spastic Children,Mental Retardation, Aphasia and other Nurological Deficiencies.

All these diseases are interrelated with each other . Several causes of neuronal insult and damages during birth, pre birth,neonatal and infancy period may result in the above mentioned conditions.

The documented results of patients treated in”J.P Health Paradise” for the aforesaid are stupendous and are eye opener as well.

The effects of this treatment normally visible after fifteen days of continuous therapy includes Behavioral improvement,Improvement in sleep patterns, Motor coordination, Attention span, Weight gain,Glow on face & several other strikingly evident features.


In the case of Baby Dinesh( C.P), The improvement was recorded continuously for more than six months after the therapy was over. His parents’ statements are very encouraging.Cases of Baby Avantica,Baby Gaurav,Baby Adwait and some other children are showing fast and tremendous improvement resulting in glimmer of hope and joy to there parents.

2) Intestinal Meghacolon:

This is a condition when large intestine become hypo kinetic, characterized by slow peristaltic movements due to intrinsic nerves deficiency resulting in sever constipation.

Growth failure,Malnutrition become apparent,There is no solution for this condition in Allopathhic treatment except for frequent use of Purgatives.

This ailment was successfully treated within six to nine therapy sessions in “J.P.Health Paradise” clinic.

3) Chronic diarrhea & lactogen intolerance:

Chronic Diarrhea,Rectal prolapses and Lactogen intolerance are the kind of ailments which at times are very difficult to treat and cure.

The persistent acidic stool / diarrhea results into severe perianal rashes which is again difficult to cure in Allopathic treatment.

This ailment was successfully treated in “J.P.Health Paradise” clinic.

4) Prematurity and related Complications:

These ailments are vary strenuous for Pediatricians,Parents and societies around the globe because of the complexity associated with the treatment,the financial and mental aspects and numerous efforts and expenses by the respective Governments of different countries.
A single application of a combination of several Ayurvedic medicines through rectal rout just after birth can prevent and cure so many complications like R. D. S. ,Hemorrhages, Abdominal distention, Enterocolitis ,Neonatal Jaundice and Convulsions etc.

After the newborn’s respiration gets stabilized, There is minimal need of NICU,Phototherapy or Hospitalization.

The result of only six to nine applications of Vasti treatment in the first week of life is an eye opener for the practioners of Allopathic neonatal medication.


5) Nephrotic Syndrome

Minimal lesion glomerulonephritis is a problem in children.This syndrome comprises of proteinuria, hypoalbuminimia and oedema .

The long steroid therapy is mainstream of management but here in J.P.Health Paradise without steroid this condition was controlled.

The results in one case is vary promising when oedema disappeared ,protineinuria reduced to +1 from +4 within 10 days of therapy without steroids.

In long term management this therapy will certainly play a significant role to cure.

6) General nonspecific  Growth problems of children’s .

Most of mothers usually complains loss of appetite ,no interest in food ,growth hampering ,irritating behavior some times obesity and tiredness of their child.

This therapy of vasti treatment is excellent to balance the normal, healthy and robust natural growth pattern .

Our experience of this  therapy is vary promising to get optimum personality development  of children’s.

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