1. What is combined critical care ?

This is a combined treatment  of Allopathic madication and Ayurveda- A Multidisciplinary approach to cure difficult issues relatede to health.

2. What is the mode of therapy?

The  central theme of this therapy is Vasti treatment which is a part of Panchkarma therapy of Ayurveda.

3. What is Vasti therapy of Panchkarma ?

Vasti treatment is a name given for the process in which highly specialized Ayurvedic medicines are periodically injected into the rectum.

4. Why Vasti treatment is more effective than Oral medication ?

Most of the  medicines consumed orally gets  neutralized in the high acidic environment of stomach. The highly specialized oil based medicines are very effective through rectal rout.

5. Are the same medicines effective in most diseases?

No, There are different combinations and preparations used for different types of diseases on the basis of Age,Gender, Weight and other factors along with Diet management.

6. How much time is taken in this therapy to be cured?

From Nine days to One month followed by oral medication.

7. Are there any side effects ?

Not at all,So far we have not come across any side effects being reported because of the therapy.Only positive effects have been reported and observed thus far.

8. Are there any Diet restrictions during the course of therapy?

Yes simple vegetarian diet according to the need is usually prescribed.

9. Do we need to be admitted for the therapy?

Generally Admission is not required however in some exigencies it is advised.

10. Can this therapy be used for Prevention and General well being?

Yes this therapy is vary effective to improve wellbeing, quality of life and to slow down ageing process.

11. What is the cost of  therapy ?

The cost of  therapy depends upon the  severity of diseases,No.of days

required for the therapy and medicines used.Generally the cost varies between Rupees Ten thousand to Fifty thousand  i.e (200 $ to 1000$).

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